How to make your business stand out and engage on social media

Question: What makes a business stand out and engage on social media?

Plenty of businesses make the fatal mistake of being non-human. And it’s surprisingly easy to do.

Being corporate is fine.

Being formal is fine.

However, being a brick wall made purely of corporate messages, sales promotions and business jargon is not. These businesses are using this brick wall to alienate their customers. They’re being the opposite of engaging, and the result is that they push their target market away.

It’s a fact: People buy from people. We all desire the ‘human’ interaction, and social media humanises our business and personal brand.

We MUST follow the golden rule: humanise your brand.

But how?

  1. First and foremost, remember that everyone who will see you on social media is also a human. They think, feel and act like humans. Even your boss. It doesn’t matter if they’re using a personal or business account. They have interests, likes and dislikes, and a set attention span. This means that all the rules of selling, and everything you know about humans, still applies. Please don’t write like you’re speaking to robots.

  2. Follow and connect with people who are of interest to your business. Your target market, of course, but also nearby businesses, industry leaders, news agencies, your suppliers. Build your own network. See what your target audience see – who are they following? What are they talking about?

  3. Be polite. If someone takes the time to interact with your content, thank them for it. A little kindness goes a long way, and if your audience feel appreciated they will associate this positive feeling with your brand. 

  4. Comment on posts – your own, your audience’s, posts on what’s going on in your sector. Be part of the action, don’t watch from the balcony.

  5. Take part in group chats – your only aim here is to build relationships and see what your target audience are interested in. Do not sell, that would be a brick in the corporate wall you’re putting up to alienate your audience.

  6. Always reply to comments on your page or posts. Questions that go unanswered make you look bad to everyone who sees, and pushes customers away when they are actively trying to engage with you. Your tone is essential – no matter how unfriendly someone may be, you must keep it professional.

  7. Are we on social media to sell? Nope. That may be the end game, but this isn’t snakes and ladders so there’s no jumping to the end. Focus on informing, educating and engaging. Foster relationships with your target audience – it’s not about quick wins now, it’s about playing the long game and building loyalty that lasts.

So, how human is your business on social media?


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