How to Adapt, Pivot and Evolve your business

Before I begin, I must apologise in advance – I’m going to be using the ‘c’ word throughout.

I know some people feel very uncomfortable when they hear the ‘c’ word.

I know some people would much rather it didn’t exist in our vocabulary.

But nevertheless, we need to face up to it – now, more than ever.

I am of course referring to ‘change’.

There, I’ve said it!!

If you’re already feeling offended, please don’t read on.

Change occurs often when we least expect it – and it can be immediate or over a long period of time.

One thing that is for certain, business is in a period of change at present.

A period of ‘forced’ change.

We can no longer physically meet face-to-face – for meetings, group training, seminars and conferences.

We can no longer meet for a coffee, lunch or go to the pub or even share dinner after work. 

And we can no longer share a joke or some juicy gossip with our...

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