Coaching Program with

Simon Clayton

Let’s work together 1:1 to plan, create and implement your Marketing Masterplan


1:1 Private Coaching

Benefit from over 25+ years of experience, guidance and expertise from a qualified marketing professional - without the cost of employing a new member to your full-time team!


Being held accountable for your own goals and commitments provide clear focus, minimise unwanted distractions, and ensure that you and your business are learning, growing and evolving!

New Perspective

See your business from a fresh, new perspective - tailor your content, using the most appropriate channels to your target audience – positioning your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind!

Growing a business is not easy and can also be extremely lonely sometimes...

You know your business and your industry better than any coach or mentor, but sometimes you can find yourself too close to a service or product to really understand both its advantages and its challenges.

Bringing a coach onboard to help, support and mentor you with your strategic marketing and business growth plans, allows you to benefit from all their experience, guidance and expertise, without bringing a new member onto your full-time team.

For many of my clients, what they need is not help with determining which direction their business needs to go in, but rather help with what strategies and processes to fix in place to enable growth, to allow them to reach the right audience, and to help them engage and sell to that audience.


If this sounds like you - then let's work together to achieve the following:

Your 8-week, 1:1 coaching syllabus with Simon Clayton

Week 1

Where are you now and what do you want to achieve?

  • Analyse current business strengths and weaknesses

  • Consider opportunities for growth

  • Establish business aims

  • Set marketing objectives, which will be used to achieve the above aims

Week 2

What is your current market position and who is your audience?

  • Analyse your current customer base

  • Define your target audience using Customer Personas

  • Analyse your competitors

  • Compile a SWOT Analysis (Strengths; Weaknesses; Opportunities; Threats)  - audit your current  strategy

Week 3

What is your USP and how do you want to be perceived?

  • Define your Brand Value Proposition

  • Create a unique Positioning Statement

  • Establish Key Messages for different groups of your target audience

Week 4

What tools and channels do you need to achieve your objectives?

  • Review existing marketing and sales channels to plan the specific tactics across digital (web, social media, email...) and traditional media (direct mail, PR and events) to reach, engage and communicate with your target audience

  • Agree a marketing and sales process for future campaigns

Week 5

How will your marketing and sales funnel convert leads into prospects?

  • Define the conversion process for your strategy across each stage of the marketing funnel - Awareness; Engagement: Education: Evaluation: Sale + Sale Support

  • Decide which cost effective tools and channels are required at each stage and when / how they will be applied

Week 6

How will you monitor and measure the effectiveness of your marketing?

  • Setting key metrics for measurement of all marketing activity – plotting them against each stage of your marketing and sales funnel
  • Reviewing Business Aims and Marketing Objectives
  • Monitoring ROI - return on investment

Weeks 7-8

Launch your Marketing Masterplan!!

  • 1-1 support, coaching and mentoring to guide you through the first weeks of your marketing masterplan!


Simon Clayton

I'm a professionally qualified marketing and leadership coach and educational specialist with a proven track record in training and mentoring business leaders, entrepreneurs and in-house management teams.

During my 25+ year career I've owned, managed and built businesses, as well as provided leadership and strategic change management to a diverse range of public, private and third sector organisations.

In 2014, I launched Marketing Skills Academy, providing a range of results-driven training workshops, coaching programs and mentoring services. 

I'm also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM), published author, lecturer and enterprise mentor at Teesside University International Business School.

Why choose ME as your marketing coach?


With experience comes knowledge, and a keen eye for the things which will work – and those that won’t!

With over 25+ years’ experience of planning, implementing and managing strategic brand marketing and sales campaigns, I've learnt a great deal. I consider my expertise to lie in the specifics of business growth and successful marketing planning – helping you to identify your target customer and reach them effectively.


Being held accountable for your own goals and commitments will eradicate the time spent on unproductive behaviour and distracting activities!

My coaching is a two-way process, which involves exploration and enlightenment – applying both our business experience and skill sets, guided by me, to help you set direction and determine priorities. During each session you will be set action tasks with clear targets. Progress will then be discussed during following sessions.

New Perspective

One of the biggest challenges of managing and owning a business, is knowing when to rely on a fresh set of eyes and ears!

Partnering with me as your dedicated marketing coach, will provide that third party perspective your business needs. I will help you see your product or service from the point of view of your audience, and tailor your content, using the most appropriate channels to your target audience – positioning your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind.


A strategic plan needs thought and direction, as goals alone will not get you to your desired destination! 

My coaching program will establish where you are now and what is needed to drive further business growth. With my guidance and resources, we will work together to create your marketing and sales masterplan. And, as your accountability partner, I will ensure that you are learning, growing and evolving too!


Having someone who can help process a circumstance or feeling in a thoughtful way!

Through my coaching I also aim to build personal confidence by focusing on your positive achievements, enhancing your individual strengths, unlocking potential and encouraging a positive mindset. Making progress and feeling confident that you are on the right path can be transformational for you and your business!

One-to-one coaching with Simon Clayton