Making success achievable

Are you ready to grow a more profitable business?


Do you want to achieve success in your business?

Then what’s holding you back?

Maybe you’re not sure who or where your most profitable customers are...

Or maybe you’re not sure what differentiates your business when compared with your competitors...

Or maybe you’re lacking confidence to try something new, change the way you operate or enter into a new market...

It may even be the fact that you have lost all faith in marketing – had a bad experience with a freelance consultant, marketing agency or so-called business ‘guru’...


I can help you...

Grow a more profitable business with an effective marketing plan

My Marketing Masterplan coaching program has been created for business owners who know their business has potential, but need guidance on strategic marketing - finding new opportunities, maximising them and turning them into sales.


Grow your personal brand with LinkedIn

My LinkedIn training workshop has been created for professionals from all sectors, who want to grow their network by attracting and engaging with the 'right' type of contact, whilst enhancing their own personal brand. I'll show you how to create your profile and proactively plan and execute your engagement strategy.


Be your marketing speaker at your next event

Whether it's your conference, exhibition or in-house training event, my keynote speeches do away with 'Business as Usual'. This is about engagement, interaction and one-on-one communication. It demands energy, and just the right amount of humour. It requires passion, of the genuine kind. 


"Simon was incredibly helpful giving me great advice for my business. He was very understanding of the purpose and ethos behind my brand and really helped create clarity when it came to my branding. I would highly recommend."

Jodie McGregor
Managing Director / Entrepreneur

Marketing Masterplan - The Book - BUY NOW!

I wrote this book for those who know their business has potential and need guidance on marketing – finding opportunities, maximising them and turning them into sales.

In each section you’ll find information on marketing best practice and how to apply it to your business. I’ve included activities to focus your strategy and make sure you’re getting the most out of the content.


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