Top tips for measuring your social media campaigns

Social media is undoubtedly one of the most powerful marketing tools around today. It allows you to reach out directly to customers, engage with them immediately and raise brand awareness in new and innovative ways. If you’re lucky, social media can also send you viral.

As with any marketing approach, however, measuring results so that you can see how your current strategy is working is critical. Metrics reveal:

  • How well your campaign is performing.
  • How your audience is engaging with your business online.
  • Which content works best for your business.

Spread your time and effort wisely

If you are a small to medium-size business, spreading your marketing activities too thinly can be counterproductive.

You end up doing nothing well and your message gets diluted. Focusing on a few key social media platforms that work for your business means you can put more effort into them. It also makes the whole business of metrics much easier to understand.

Set your goals

As with any...

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How to grow your email prospect list in 2021

Email remains one of the most effective marketing tools with a strong ROI, even in 2021. The key to success comes from creating meaningful and impactful content but also building a prospect list that is relevant and helps deliver conversions for your business.

What is an email list?

Nearly 300 billion emails are sent every day around the world and more than 80% of businesses use it as one of the primary marketing approaches. An email list contains a whole bunch of people who are interested in your business and likely to buy from it or hire your services.

  • Anyone can create an email list. The challenge is developing something that is filled with people or businesses likely to engage with your business.
  • To do this, you need a range of approaches and strategies that work for your business and attract the right kinds of people.
  • Selecting the right methods to attract prospects onto your email list generally means looking at a range of different approaches.

Why should people join your...

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Why every small business needs a solid brand strategy and how to create yours

Your brand is the foundation around which your entire business and marketing are based.

Start-ups and smaller businesses often find it difficult to develop a clear brand that helps them stand out and resonate with potential customers.

Why have a brand?

Get your brand strategy nailed down and all else should lead from it. It will define the design and feel of your website, for example, and underpin all your marketing activity.

It defines what your business is about to you and your staff as well as your audience.

It’s not just that customers will easily recognise you online or on the high street. Strong brands create emotional connections.

What does that mean? Your customers stick with you and even influence others to buy your products or hire your services. When they see your logo, they have a sense of anticipation.

Simply put:
Strong brands lead to higher sales and more customers.

Here are some stats if you’re not completely convinced:

  • When they’re fixing to...
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VIDEO PODCAST: Meet The Book Authors: Simon Clayton - 'Marketing Masterplan'

What does a global pandemic, being busy fool, procrastination, Depeche Mode, Andy Warhol and trips to Russia all have in common?

They all feature on a recent video podcast interview for The Content Marketing Show - with the awesome Pascal Fintoni - digital marketing trainer and public speaker!

 In this episode Pascal and I talk about:

  • My vision for the book as a product for his business and for strengthening my positioning as a coach
  • My journey into self-employment and my approach to personal branding as a marketing strategist
  • How the content of the book was inspired by my work as a coach and by the many questions from my clients
  • Sometimes the smallest and simplest bit of information can have a major impact on your audience and should be captured as part of your book
  • The way I adapted my coaching modules into 6 steps to fit the format of a book with a beginning, a middle and an end
  • Why I went for the...
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5 ways to increase engagement on your website

You’ve written your website pages, created and posted all that content, now you’re ready to sit back and watch the visitors flock to your digital door.

Unfortunately, it’s not always as simple as that...

Visitor number and engagement are some of the most common concerns for businesses with an online presence.

How do you not only become more popular but increase engagement with your site as well? Here are 5 strategies that you can implement right now:

1. Have a marketing plan

It might seem like a no-brainer but putting in place the right marketing strategy for your business is critical.

According to software firm OutboundEngine, however, half of businesses don’t have one.

It's surprising how many businesses have a piecemeal approach, dabbling on social media here, trying out some PPC advertising there or writing a few blogs now and again.

If you want more people to visit your site and become customers, you need to:

  • Understand your target audience.
  • Have a...
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6 reasons your current marketing strategy isn't working

As you might expect, I get a lot of queries about marketing strategies. The most common is why a particular plan is not working for an individual or business.

Of course, this a big question, much along the lines of how long is a piece of string?

Most failing marketing strategies tend to have common problems associated with them, however. Heres my 6 reasons your current marketing strategy isn't working:

1. Your marketing strategy is not coherent

By coherent, I mean it doesn’t have joined-up thinking. All parts of your marketing strategy should fit together like a glove and each part needs to have a specific purpose and each part should compliment others.

You need to have a firm goal for what you want your marketing to achieve:

  • Do you want to generate more leads?
  • Build your brand visibility?
  • Create a promotion?
  • Support customers who have bought your product or hired your service?

 Check out my quick guide on the 6 essential elements your marketing strategy needs


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10 stats that will help guide you with your 2021 marketing strategy

There are lies, damned lies and statistics.

If you’ve always been a bit wary of online statistics about marketing, you’re not alone. There are thousands of them out there and many aren’t true or get misinterpreted.

To help, here are a few I’ve dug out from the many to help inform your 2021 marketing strategy and what they mean.

1. Get your SEO right

According to BrightEdge, 68% of experiences online start with a query on a search engine like Google. SEO is still an important part of any marketing strategy. While getting it right takes time and effort it should continue to be a priority for your business in 2021.

SEO essentials for search success:

  • Crawl accessibility (aka spiders) - ‘Crawling’ is what search engines do to look at your site and determine what information is on there.
  • Compelling content - Once a person visits your site, you should aim to keep them there and give them the information they’re looking for. Blogs, news, product...
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Isn't it time we stopped judging ourselves?

How often do you blame yourself for situations which are out of your control?

How often do you find yourself thinking -

‘Why bother trying, I’m only going to mess up again’

‘People will talk about me - I’ll be a public failure’

‘I should stop wasting my time, I’m just not good enough - I should keep to my limits’

And it goes on...

and on...

You’re so busy over–thinking, over-analysing and ‘negatively mind-reading’, that you actually stop taking any decisive action!

This 'analysis paralysis' can harm you and your business

We’ve got to stop judging ourselves

Stop benchmarking ourselves against those who we perceive are more ‘successful’

Stop worrying about what might happen and focus on what we can change

And, be kinder to ourselves!

First – start telling yourself:

I am NOT my thoughts
I AM my actions

Second – take action! 

Often taking that first step can seem HUGE, but in reality...

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Six essential elements to include in your next marketing strategy

I’m sure we’ve all experienced it as there's so much of it about at the moment -


I'm talking about the plethora of unsolicited emails, advertising posts and messages that we receive for products and services that would never appeal to us.

This 'spam' exists because of bad targeting - not understanding your target audience, their ‘pain points’ and how you can provide a solution.

By defining who your ideal customer is and how to engage with them, will give you the power to one day, convert them into loyal customers.

So, before you invest any time, resources and hard-earned cash in your marketing and sales strategy – understand who your market is!

Sounds crazy, as it’s one of the fundamentals of growing a profitable business, BUT…

I’m seeing and hearing some horror stories at the moment where some businesses are getting it so wrong.

It’s a well-known fact the people will always...

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The 5 E's of Content Marketing

Do you have difficulty in creating content which engages, nurtures and communicates with your target audience?

Does your marketing content actually ‘convert’?

Marketing can be a challenge at the best of times and constantly having to create fresh new content can be complex and challenging – especially at the moment, during these uncertain times.

‘Content is the fuel for the marketing and sales engine’

We need to keep creating and publishing it - at every stage of our marketing and sales funnel – from generating awareness through to converting leads into paying customers.

Even the stats tell us that content marketing is 3 times more efficient in terms of leads than outbound marketing.

So, if you feeling disillusioned, lacking motivation or lost for ideas, how about applying the 5E’s to your content marketing:


Whether it's writing blogs and articles, filming video, or creating eBooks and...

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