6 Actionable Tips to help Overcome Imposter Syndrome

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6 Actionable Tips to help Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever suffered from 'Imposter Syndrome'?

I know I have!

Those moments when you find yourself doubting your abilities?

Or finding it difficult to make decisions, with the fear of failure looming over you like some mythical beast?

Well, you’re not alone!

Imposter Syndrome is a common trait amongst many business owners, senior executives and solopreneurs…

A ‘psychological phenomenon’ where individuals doubt their abilities and feel like a fraud, despite their accomplishments and qualifications…

Often attribute their success to external factors, such as luck or other people's help, rather than their own abilities.

This can lead to feelings of anxiety, stress, or fear of being exposed as a fraud.

Ultimately, holding you back from making progress in your business and achieving your goals.

It can manifest itself in several ways…

And it doesn’t just affect you…

It can also affect those around you…

People who struggle with imposter syndrome may also have trouble delegating tasks to others, sharing their feelings, seeking feedback or collaborating with others, and taking risks.

Having coached and mentored many business owners, senior executives and solopreneurs who suffer from Imposter Syndrome, I would like to share with you some of the advice and guidance I provide (and encourage) to help overcome Imposter Syndrome: 

  1. Recognise the Signs:

    The first step in overcoming imposter syndrome is to recognise the signs, such as feelings of self-doubt and fear of failure.

    It’s essential to realise that they are normal, and that you are not alone in experiencing these feelings.

  2. Reframe Your Thoughts:

    Negative thoughts often to lead negative actions.

    Applying different strategies can reduce negative self-talk, and focus more on positive self-talk!

    Turn your attention to your strengths and accomplishments, rather than focusing on your weaknesses.

    Celebrate your successes and recognise your hard work!

  3. Seek Support:

    Surround yourself with a supportive network of colleagues, mentors, and friends who can provide guidance and encouragement.

    Feed off their positivity – and their positive experiences!

    Join a business group or attend networking events and conferences to meet like-minded individuals and build a network of support.

  4. Embrace Failure:

    Failure is a natural part of the learning process.

    Embrace failure as an opportunity for growth and learning.

    In reflection ask yourself – have you actually ‘failed’ or was it the case that you weren’t ready enough… you needed more time, experience, knowledge.

    Consider your mistakes and use them as a stepping stone for improvement – don’t over analyse or dwell to long on these events either!

  5. Take Action:

    Sitting in fear achieves absolutely nothing – agree?

    And yet, so many of us spend hours, days even weeks, contemplating and berating ourselves for what we have and haven’t achieved!

    Take action towards your goals, despite your fears and doubts.

    Set small achievable goals and work towards them one step at a time.

    And don’t forget to celebrate your progress along the way – small wins are just as important as the big wins!

  6. Practice Self-Care:

    Taking care of yourself is crucial in overcoming imposter syndrome.

    Make time for self-care activities such as exercise, meditation, or spending time with loved ones.

    Imposter syndrome is real and can hold you back from achieving your full potential in business and life.

I really hope that the advice I have shared with you helps to realign your negative thoughts and focus more on the positive outcomes.

Remember that success is a journey, and every step towards your goals is a step in the right direction.


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