How to build your personal brand using Public Relations

Public Relations (or PR) is all about maintaining a favorable image with the general public. It’s often conflated with damage reputation management but is so much more wide-ranging than this. It’s used to promote organizations, businesses, and individuals.

For example, a film production company may launch a PR campaign to promote their new movie. A smartphone manufacturer can do the same to launch their new product. And an individual can launch a public relations campaign to build their brand.

In the past, PR was largely limited to media such as the TV, Radio, and press. In the last couple of decades, public relations campaigns have been increasingly out in digital ways, using channels such as social media, influencer engagement, and pay-per-click advertising.

Create a PR strategy

If you are hoping to build your personal brand, either to help your career or compliment your business brand, public relations is a powerful tool.

As with any other form of marketing,...

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