Are you taking advantage of 'Sneaky Marketing'?

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Last week I had a meeting with my amazing accountant. I say amazing because she keeps me on the straight and narrow when it comes to my business finances. Needless to say, every business should have an amazing accountant!

Whilst starting my laptop, she strategically placed a self-branded Kit Kat next to my coffee. Logo on the front in brand colors - contact details on the back - simple, subtle, and highly effective!

WOW!!! How crafty... how sneaky... how absolutely brilliant!!!

I like to call this ‘Sneaky Marketing'.

Now, before I get bombarded with comments telling me "this isn't new, it's been around for years!" - I know, BUT it's still one of the most underrated forms of engagement marketing which don’t have to cost a fortune!

Marketing your business doesn't need to be highly sophisticated or super clever - sometimes the most simple ideas are the best! 

Just think about how you can promote your business using your regular, run-of-the-mill communication channels... for example:

👉 Email signatures – a great opportunity to place a banner advert or text promotion with a hyperlink back to your website.

👉 Invoices and monthly statements – how about including a dedicated URL or blog post link to a promotion landing page or invitation to an event... you could also include this on delivery notes, envelopes, tags, labels, and packaging too!

👉 Business cards – still as popular as ever... how about including a unique link / QR code? Relatively easy to create and it works too!

👉 Answerphone message – provide useful tips and free advice - keeping your caller ‘engaged’.

Word of warning, however... unless you have a voice like Mariah Carey, I'd forget the singing messages ;)

👉 Christmas, birthday and anniversary cards – another simple, memorable opportunity to promote your business.

Be mindful of Valentine's cards - that can get you into all sorts of trouble... apparently :)

Are you taking advantage of Sneaky Marketing?

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