The Marketing Masterplan Coaching Program

Master your marketing to grow a more profitable and sustainable business!


Does this sound familiar?

You want to achieve success in your business, but...

❌ You know marketing is essential to the success of your business, but you’re not sure where to start?

❌ You’re not sure who or where your most profitable customers are and how to engage with them?

❌ You’re not sure what differentiates you from your competitors in a challenging and crowded marketplace?

❌ You’re lacking confidence to try something new, change the way you operate or enter into a new market?

❌ You've lost all faith in marketing – had a bad experience with a freelance consultant, marketing agency or so-called business ‘guru’?

❌ You’ve tried all kinds of things – spending lots of time and money without receiving any return on your investment?

Then this unique coaching and training program is most definitely for you!

Introducing the Marketing Masterplan Coaching and Training program

You are the #1 asset in your business –
and nobody knows it better than you...

Now it’s time to build on all that invaluable experience and knowledge - by turning you into the marketing master you’re destined to be!


The Marketing Masterplan is a practical and jargon-free strategic marketing coaching and training program, created by qualified and experienced marketing professionals and based on real-life experiences and expertise! 

The good news is that the process you will learn during this program has been tried and tested - and it works!!

So, HOW can the Marketing Masterplan coaching and training program actually transform your business?

With this knowledge and theory at your fingertips, you will be able to…

Set business aims and marketing goals to determine priorities!
Create a proactive marketing and business development plan - built on your business aims and goals!
Identify your target audience and how to reach them!
Identify your target audience and learn how (and where) to engage and communicate with them!
Create content which engages with your target audience!
Plan and create value-driven, engaging, and conversion-based content - extend your brand reach!
Convert your target audience into paying customers!
Attract, educate and convert your target audience into paying, loyal customers!
Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts!
Measure and actually understand the success of your marketing campaigns!
Plan and manage your budget more efficiently!
Make informed decisions helping you plan and manage your budget more effectively!

So, WHAT is so different about THIS learning program?

When planning and creating the Marketing Masterplan, our research found that many business owners and senior managers did NOT want hours and hours of footage and endless video links and testimonials.

Yes, these things are important, but what 21st century time-poor business owners and senior managers really want is ACTION-BASED ADVICE, ACCOUNTABILITY and BITESIZE RESOURCES!

What is the program structure?

Marketing Masterplan - Purpose Category


Learn how to establish your business aims and set those measurable marketing objectives

Marketing Masterplan - Intelligence Category


Learn how to define your target audience; Analyse your competitors; and complete a SWOT Analysis

Marketing Masterplan - Proposition Category


Learn how to define your Brand Value Proposition and create a Unique Selling Proposition

Marketing Masterplan - Tools Category


Learn how to review your existing marketing tools to plan the specific tactics across digital (web, social media, email...) and traditional media (direct mail, PR and events)

Marketing Masterplan - Conversion Category


Learn how to determine which tools and channels are the most effective at each stage of the conversion funnel and how / when they will be implemented

Marketing Masterplan - Results Category


Learn how to set those key metrics for measuring all your marketing activity, across digital and traditional platforms - whilst keeping a close eye on your ROI.

Here's what my previous clients say...

I have confidently been able to plan and launch numerous campaigns, which have proved to be profitable for my business!

"It has been amazing working with Simon! He is extremely proficient in training and coaching. Whilst completing the Marketing Masterplan program, I have confidently been able to plan and launch numerous campaigns, which have proved to be profitable for my business - enabling me to reach out to a client base beyond my expectations. I am extremely grateful to Simon for all his help. Based on my experience of working with Simon I would unreservedly recommend him. Aside from his expertise in marketing, Simon is a genuinely lovely person and displays a dedication towards the growth and success of the companies in which he works with.

 Managing Director - Manufacturing and Retail

We now have a marketing strategy we have confidence in!

"At Zenith we've been working with Simon and his Marketing Masterplan program for the past few months - it's been a fantastic experience! Interesting, entertaining, educational and extremely relevant. Simon has worked with us to help us understand our marketplace, where want to position ourselves in that marketplace, how we should be marketing ourselves and to whom.

The process has been extremely valuable as well as enjoyable, and we now have a marketing strategy we have confidence in. I would recommend Simon to any business looking to develop and improve in this area. His approach is tailored, enthusiastic and engaging both for those with a marketing background and those without!"

 Managing Director - Recruitment and Training

I highly recommend Simon to anyone who wants to create a successful marketing strategy!

"I have just finished the Marketing Masterplan training programme with Simon, aimed at improving eLamb’s marketing strategy. I wanted to look at specific target markets and have a lead generation campaign that I could replicate for each target. Simon helped us create that strategy, to include an ebook, landing page, messaging content and automated software to deliver and monitor the success of the strategy.

I highly recommend Simon to anyone who wants to create a successful marketing strategy. I am carrying on working with Simon in a mentoring capacity, even though our original project has been successfully implemented."

 Managing Director - Learning Management Systems

Is the Marketing Masterplan Coaching and Training Program right for you?

As a marketing and business coach, I have to be honest
- this isn’t for everyone!

If you’re not driven, motivated, hardworking, and hungry for success then this probably isn’t the journey for you.

But, if you believe in yourself and your business, and can envision a future where one day you’re sitting on a beach or beside a pool, sipping a cocktail and thinking back to the days where you worked hard to earn the future of your dreams - then I think we’ll get along just fine.

"I recently completed the Marketing Masterplan Coaching Program with Simon and have experienced success in my business as a direct result!"

Chartered MCIPD

"Simon’s energy and practical advice has enabled me to crack on with my marketing strategy with confidence. As a business owner it’s great to have someone who keeps you on track while you are busy delivering. A really valuable resource!"

Managing Director - Corporate Coach and Public Speaker 

Could YOU or YOUR organisation benefit from a personalised coaching program?