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Simon Clayton

Marketing & Leadership Coach 



I’m Simon Clayton, and this is my story woven through my love of business, marketing and mentorship.


1994 - 2014

 My first 20 years in business were spent in marketing and design agencies spanning Newcastle, Teesside, Manchester and London. 

These are the years that I consider my 'apprenticeship' over which time I honed my skills, servicing everything from local SMEs to global brands, and even had the unique experience of marketing for the British Government.

My entrepreneurial spirit took its first flight in 2005 with a side hustle - and my first online business...

It was more than just pocket money—it was a passion.

To my delight (and surprise), it quickly ballooned into a business with an impressive turnover. Selling it off was bittersweet, but it was also the catalyst for a grander vision.

2014 - 2019

In 2014, with a small army of freelancers, I took a leap into founding a full-service marketing agency and soon realised that breadth doesn't beat depth.

I quickly became a busy fool – taking all upfront responsibility, while feeding the mouths of others long before myself. It was a nightmare – and a much-needed wakeup call!

It was during this time, I noticed a gap in the market—a hunger for genuine, actionable marketing insight.

Business owners were outsourcing without understanding, and I saw the pitfalls of not taking the reins of one's marketing journey.

That’s when I created the ‘Marketing Masterplan’. Not just a program, but a guidebook, a blueprint for those who seek to wield the power of marketing themselves. It's my pride and joy, distilled from years of experience, ready to empower the eager entrepreneur or the budding business owner.


As a coach, I offer more than advice - I walk the journey with you, supporting, guiding, and celebrating each milestone.

And, when I'm not in the field, I'm lecturing at various universities In Newcastle, Middlesbrough, and York, sharing wisdom with the marketers of tomorrow.

I’m a firm believer in the power of connection. Being a people person, networking is second nature to me. The relationships I’ve forged over two decades stand as a testament to the collaborative spirit I bring into my work.

My professional affiliations mirror my dedication to the craft of marketing and leadership.

Fellow of
The Chartered Institute Of Marketing
Member of
The Chartered Management Institute
Member of 
The Association for Coaching

Let's not forget Elvis...

I've got a sidekick named Elvis—a Border Terrier with more energy than a start-up company!

We’re often spotted in the scenic grandeur of the Lake District, or trekking across the hills of Cleveland and North Yorkshire.


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