How to 'educate' and grow meaningful relationships with your customers

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Nobody likes being SOLD to - agree?

As consumers, we like to be in control of the buying process – it’s our cash and we’ll decide how, when and where we’ll part with it!

We like to educate ourselves first by:

- Viewing all the options available

- Listening to what others have to say – especially those who have already experienced the product / service

- Comparing features and benefits

- And, considering the cost – is it competitive - especially in relation to our budget, needs and desires!

As business owners, we need to nurture this process through education - before, during and after purchase - which will help us develop mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

And, we need to consider each ‘touch-point’ and how we can educate and add value.

Here’s a few ideas on how you can achieve this:

  • Demonstrations instore or online - show your customers the product / service in action, demonstrating how it will answer their pain point and potentially change their lives.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - if someone has already asked questions about your product / service, why keep repeating yourself? Alleviate all the worries and concerns before any purchasing takes place. FAQ's are highly engaging and time-saving!

  • Specifications, plans and drawings - Infographics - show your potential buyer how it's made / created / achieved with the use of pertinent date. 

  • Customer interviews / Recommendations / Referrals - marketing gold dust!! Very powerful when your customers (hopefully) recommend your product / service. Believable as it's not coming from you!

  • Trials, free samples and test-drives - can your customers experience your product/ service first before purchase? This could be a deal breaker!

  • Provide access to further information through your website, social media, eBooks and white papers - think about the customer journey - keep them focused and direct them easily through your marketing and sales funnel.

  • Provide access to further engagement via a dedicated webinar, workshops and event, email, messaging - keep in contact and regular communication with your customers - grow and nurture the relationship by providing a more personalised service.

So, how are you educating your buyers?


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