How to develop and proactively market your Personal Brand

What is the one ‘thing’ that your business has, that no other business can create, copy or control?


YOU are unique...

YOU are one of a kind...

YOU are the real deal!

And, YOU have something incredibly powerful which if you maximise its true potential - it can (and will) grow your business.

I’m referring to your ‘Personal Brand’ – the most powerful marketing and sales tool we all possess.

The intrinsic mix of your passion, values, experience, professional network and of course, skills and expertise.

Authenticity is the key factor as never before has the mantra 'people buy from people' been so relevant.

With the rapid growth of social media and other digital communications, we have become incredibly perceptive to fake, insincere, disingenuous brands, which promote one thing and yet behave completely different – this includes people!

And it goes without saying, being the true authentic...

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How to take advantage of your marketing gold dust

Word of mouth recommendations are one of the oldest (and most believable) forms of marketing in the world – and still one of the most effective!

It’s not you telling the world how wonderful you are – it’s SOMEONE ELSE – which can be incredibly powerful, especially when it’s fellow professionals and customers words we trust most.

It also helps build and promote your personal brand with your ambassadors, role models and influencers.

Where to begin?

LinkedIn is one of the best special platforms for enabling this – using ‘Endorsements’ and ‘Recommendations’.

The difference between LinkedIn ‘Endorsements’ and ‘Recommendations’:

Endorsements can be given by any of your connections, including people who have never worked with you.

Recommendations are those that you either have to specifically request, or specifically accept from someone. They are about as close as...

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How to audit your marketing and revise your strategies

As we slowly exit lockdown and life returns to some type of normality, are you revising or making new plans for your marketing and sales strategy for the rest of the year?

   Will it be the same as previous?

   Focusing on the same customers and target consumers?

   Using the same marketing tools and channels?

   Spending the same budget?

   Hoping (and praying) for the same results as this time last year?

If so - STOP!

Before you spend a penny more on your marketing, conduct an audit.

Far too many businesses make the mistake of throwing money at the same marketing and sales activities, not really sure what they will achieve - hoping it will go back to the 'good ole' days'!

Business has changed.

Consumers have changed. 

Marketing has changed!

Marketing can be an expensive activity for your business, so it's good to know what's working and what isn't - long before you invest your...

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Time to change the way you communicate with your target audience?

There’s been a common theme recently in the emails and messages I’ve been receiving from some of my clients and contacts...

‘Our website is receiving less traffic – even though we’re still posting fresh content...’

‘My LinkedIn posts are receiving fewer likes, comments and shares...’

‘Our weekly email newsletter has been receiving fewer opens and clicks...’

‘My sales have declined dramatically...’


All of which can be very disheartening.


Whilst being regular and present with your marketing is still REALLY important - life has changed.

And, your target audience may no longer desire the same types of communication they previously used to like... desire – even relish!

Maybe this is a good opportunity to change the way in which you communicate with your target audience?

But how?

  Make your marketing more relatable, authentic and empathetic. 

Use scenarios, stories and real-life...

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How to Adapt, Pivot and Evolve your business

Before I begin, I must apologise in advance – I’m going to be using the ‘c’ word throughout.

I know some people feel very uncomfortable when they hear the ‘c’ word.

I know some people would much rather it didn’t exist in our vocabulary.

But nevertheless, we need to face up to it – now, more than ever.

I am of course referring to ‘change’.

There, I’ve said it!!

If you’re already feeling offended, please don’t read on.

Change occurs often when we least expect it – and it can be immediate or over a long period of time.

One thing that is for certain, business is in a period of change at present.

A period of ‘forced’ change.

We can no longer physically meet face-to-face – for meetings, group training, seminars and conferences.

We can no longer meet for a coffee, lunch or go to the pub or even share dinner after work. 

And we can no longer share a joke or some juicy gossip with our...

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5 Tips to tell your brand story

Jack and the Beanstalk...
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe...

Reading these and other well-known stories evokes such fond memories for me – firstly when I was a child and then as a Dad to my two daughters.

I’m sure, like me, these conjure up mixed emotions for you too.

Stories can be engaging, enlightening and educational...

They can take us to another place – a different world or make us perceive and understand things differently.

Storytelling is also a powerful technique for marketing our business brand

We can craft key messages aimed at specific audiences to capture their attention and begin to build a relationship.

This in turn, forms an emotional connection – ultimately to become a customer - a happy, loyal and valued customer!

“Facts tell, but stories sell.”

One of my favourite quotes by Bryan Eisenberg.

So, whilst we are still enduring this period of lockdown, why not start thinking about your story?

How will you promote...

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5 Tips to achieve email marketing success

Email marketing can be a potent tool for marketing your products or services to people and can help to generate new interest in your campaign.

The right tools and a strategic approach often lead to increased engagement and a higher conversion rate. 

Here's my 5 tips for developing your email marketing campaigns:

1.  Build your list

Email marketing has the ability to generate high quality leads, but only if the right people sign up to your list. List building is one of the most important stages in the process. 

You need to obtain quality prospects, otherwise the information that you send out is not going to have the desired effect. 

Building a high quality list though takes time, patience and determination.

Ideas to build your list:

  • Email subscribe pop-up on your website – free tools such as (below) are really effective for capturing visitors email addresses.
  • Similarly, create a dedicated landing (or squeeze) page to capture email addresses...
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Perfection is an illusion - so stop striving for it!

During the past few weeks have you found yourself thinking -

 I should be posting more on social media
- but first I just need to check my emails...

 I should be creating new marketing content
– but first I just need to look over my ideas again...

 I should be learning a new skill or register for some training
- but first I just need to check the news and then maybe the weather...

 I should be actively seeking new business opportunities
- but first I just need to look at my competitors website again...

 I should be talking more to my existing customers
– but first I just need to check my social media feeds... 

And it goes on... and on... and on...

They call it ‘Analysis Paralysis’...

You’re so busy over–thinking and procrastinating about what to do next, that you actually stop taking any decisive action.

You make excuses which jeopardise progress. 

And, this sort of analysis paralysis can...

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How to kickstart your LinkedIn marketing strategy

As one of the fastest growing social networks in 2019 LinkedIn is THE largest business-oriented platform, with over 630 million professionals worldwide as active members; and more than 13 million companies having company pages.

What is LinkedIn?

Whilst 80% of users operate within a business-to-business environment, LinkedIn serves to build its member’s personal brands, rather than solely their business.

It is strictly used for exchanging knowledge, ideas and employment opportunities and has increasingly become a leading tool for helping individuals expand their networks as well as find jobs in their field. It is also a proactive lead generation tool and is used by professionals across my sectors.

“93% of B2B marketers considered LinkedIn the most effective for gaining leads over other channels”
Source: Content Marketing Institute

“62% of B2B companies have won a customer through LinkedIn”
Source: HubSpot

“40% of B2B buyers consider LinkedIn...

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20 FREE tools for creating and managing your marketing campaigns

Marketing your business can be challenging at the best times - so much to consider from consistently developing ways to engage, communicate and promote your brand through to implementing, managing and measuring your campaigns. 

There are a plethora of tools available to help reach your objectives - some paid and some free. None replace a solid marketing strategy and human interaction, but each can help manage the stress and strains of planning and running  your marketing campaigns.

Here's my top 20 FREE tools for creating and managing your marketing campaigns:


UberSuggest is a free marketing tool that provides you with essential marketing data such as - Keyword ideas, content ideas, web traffic, SEO difficulty and much more. Created by the Search Guru - Neil Patel, this tool will help you to optimise your website and get ahead of your competitors.


Buffer (an alternative to Hootsuite) is a software application for the...

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