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Are you an ambitious business owner who is struggling to plan and implement your marketing strategy?

Marketing can be complex, especially when it's not your core skill or expertise! Trying to understand your brand, target audience, customers, competitors, positioning, tools, etc... can become incredibly overwhelming. 

What's inside this free guide?

'How to create your Marketing Masterplan Blueprint' has been created for business owners, coaches and consultants to help plan, create and implement your marketing strategies and grow a profitable business.

I’ve broken the marketing process down into 6 sections for you to complete and create your marketing masterplan:

✅  Purpose – why does your business exist?
✅  Intelligence – define your ideal customer!
✅  Proposition – identify and establish your USP!
✅  Tools – choose the right marketing tools to grow your brand!
✅  Conversion – 5 step process to convert a cold lead into a hot prospect!
✅  Results – measure your marketing activity and refine it to become even more effective!

There are useful checklists, tips and advice to complete and create your Marketing Masterplan. 

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