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What's holding you back?


"But why do I need a plan?"

A question I get asked on a regular basis by business owners, coaches and sales professionals...

For the ambitious (and incredibly busy) business owner, coach or sales professional, the mere term ‘marketing and sales plan’ can loom large and seem an almost mythical beast to do battle with. 

BUT, if you need to generate fresh leads and new customers (and let’s face it, who doesn’t at the moment?), then you need to create a marketing and sales plan to help you!

Set business aims and marketing goals to determine priorities!

Identify your target audience and how to reach them!

Create content which engages with your target audience!

Convert your target audience into paying customers!

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts!

Plan and manage your budget more efficiently!


Marketing Masterplan coaching program


The six pillars of Marketing Masterplan coaching program 

Pillar 1 - What is your current situation and what do you want to achieve?

I will help you establish your business aims and set those measurable marketing objectives

Pillar 2 - What is your current market position and who is your ideal customer?

I will help you define your target audience; Analyse your competitors; and complete a SWOT Analysis

Pillar 3 - How do you differentiate your business from your competitors?

I will help you define your Brand Value Proposition and create a Unique Selling Proposition

Pillar 4 - What tools are needed to achieve your marketing and sales objectives?

I will help you to review your existing marketing tools to plan the specific tactics across digital (web, social media, email...) and traditional media (direct mail, PR and events)

Pillar 5 - What is the process (funnel) you need to convert cold leads into hot prospects?

I will help you determine which tools and channels are the most effective at each stage of the conversion funnel and how / when they will be implemented

Pillar 6 - How will you monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and measure ROI?

I will help you set those key metrics for measuring all your marketing activity,  across digital and traditional platforms - whilst keeping a close eye on your ROI.



Why work with me to plan and deliver your Marketing Masterplan?


1-1 private coaching

I will work with you during face-to-face sessions, to complete your goals. I don't just focus on the physical outcomes - it's also about developing a positive mindset too and how it can promote success in your business.

Clarity and direction

With 25+ years of planning and managing strategic brand development and marketing communications campaigns, I've learnt and experienced a great deal. My coaching program has been tried and tested and it works!


You will be set action tasks with clear targets. Before each session you will report back to me on progress to date. I want you to invest in your own professional development and reap the benefits for you and your business.

"It has been amazing working with Simon! He is extremely proficient in coaching and marketing. His positivity and enthusiasm is infectious and our meetings left me 'buzzing' with ideas. Simon was very good at identifying our core strengths and USP and consequently offering advice and coaching on how to promote these to our target market."

Louise P.

Managing Director

Is this right for you?

It won’t be easy and my coaching approach is not for everyone. I only work with business people who are motivated, work hard and hungry for success.

There are no quick fixes. You will need to put the work in and be prepared to try new ideas and experiment if required. 
My Marketing Masterplan coaching program will establish where you are now and what is needed to enable business growth. With my guidance and resources, you will be able to create your Marketing Masterplan!

So now what’s holding you back?


"Simon shows a wealth of experience and knowledge in marketing. He delivers excellent workshops and presentations on marketing topics. Knows how to engage audience and explain concepts clearly and with humour. He is very professional, easy to approach and shows enthusiasm with clients. If you are looking for a top marketing professional, I would recommend Simon."

Pritthijit D.

Charity Fundraiser / Entrepreneur

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