5 Tips to tell your brand story

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Jack and the Beanstalk...
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe...

Reading these and other well-known stories evokes such fond memories for me – firstly when I was a child and then as a Dad to my two daughters.

I’m sure, like me, these conjure up mixed emotions for you too.

Stories can be engaging, enlightening and educational...

They can take us to another place – a different world or make us perceive and understand things differently.

Storytelling is also a powerful technique for marketing our business brand

We can craft key messages aimed at specific audiences to capture their attention and begin to build a relationship.

This in turn, forms an emotional connection – ultimately to become a customer - a happy, loyal and valued customer!

“Facts tell, but stories sell.”

One of my favourite quotes by Bryan Eisenberg.

So, whilst we are still enduring this period of lockdown, why not start thinking about your story?

How will you promote your business brand when this period of change is over?

Here's my 5 tips to help you:

👉  Think about your 'WHY' - your purpose and intent;

👉  Think about your journey and how you arrived here - and maybe what's ahead;

👉  Think about how you have triumphed in the face of adversity and what lessons you have learnt on the way;

👉  Think about your target audience - how do you relate;

👉  Think about how you can help, support, influence and provide a solution to their pain points.

Now go forth and share your story :)

If you need a fresh pair of eyes and ears’ to have a closer look at how you market and grow your business, let’s talk/meet for an informal chat – message me or email: [email protected]

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