6 marketing problems that could ruin your business – and how to overcome them!

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6 marketing problems that could ruin your business – and how to overcome them!

Image the scenario...

You have a new client meeting...

They have contacted you because their business has experienced a sharp decline in sales orders…

Worrying times!

As you begin to introduce yourself and talk through some of the ideas you have to achieve their challenging objectives, they turn and quite forcefully announce:

"To be honest,
Marketing is a complete waste of time and money!
It doesn’t really work for my business."

Really? That’s a shame – why not?

"Well, it’s all about spending money on adverts, websites and stuff, which don’t work for me."

But what does your marketing and sales strategy look like – who are you targeting, what’s your USP and where are you hoping to get new customers from?

"Who needs a strategy at the moment? It's dog-eat-dog out there!!"

Yes, but...

"Anyway, I don’t really think about what’s ahead, I just keep plugging away, trying to bring the work in and surely the rewards will follow?"

Oh, right... ok...

"As I said, marketing hasn’t really worked for me in the past, so I don’t tend to bother anymore...

In fact, the way things are at the moment, I’m cutting right back – letting some people go – so don’t really have a budget for marketing."

Thankfully, this type of conversation is not common, but highlights the fact that strategic marketing planning is never easy nor something that should be forgotten or left to the last minute.

Here are just some issues and challenges I regularly encounter when working with small businesses:

Lack of understanding of their target audience:

If you do not have a clear understanding of your ideal client or customer, this can lead to ineffective marketing strategies.

Inadequate marketing skills:

Some of the many businesses I have worked with are experts in their respective fields – provide great products and services, but lack marketing expertise.

This can lead to ineffective marketing campaigns that fail to reach their target audience.

Over Reliance on social media:

While social media can be an effective marketing tool, many small businesses overestimate its importance and neglect other marketing channels such as email marketing, networking, and advertising.

Inconsistent messaging:

I see this often…

Small businesses who cannot communicate their value proposition consistently across their marketing materials, which ultimately leads to confusion among potential clients or customers.

Lack of differentiation:

If you operate in a crowded and challenging marketplace, it can be difficult to stand out.

Small businesses who fail to differentiate themselves from their competitors will struggle to attract clients or customers.

Not measuring ROI:

Tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns is crucial for small businesses to ensure they allocate resources wisely.

However, many small business owners lack the expertise to measure their return on investment accurately, leading to misguided strategies and wasted efforts.

Do any of these issues or challenges resonate with you?

Is your marketing providing the leads or enquiries you desire?

– or do you need help and guidance with your strategic marketing planning?

If so, please don't ignore this piece of advice

Decades ago, I was offered a piece of advice but sadly, I ignored it.

Thought I knew better.

Didn’t think I needed help.

That piece of advice was this…

Lay your business foundation with the knowledge, wins, and losses of others, and then grow your empire based on your own experience.

Do you know how much time I would have saved if I had listened to that, and actually paid attention to the wins and failures of other business people like me, rather than trying to discover everything for myself, from scratch?

Other people’s knowledge and findings are integral to future success and innovation.

Every invention, every new digital device or technology, and every bright idea is inspired by and born from something that already exists and which was built by someone else.

Why can’t your business be the same?

My new Marketing Skills Academy too,kit is an example of this in practice.

I talk the talk so that you can walk the walk – simple as that!


  • It’s not just a book or training manual…
  • It’s also bite-sized videos…
  • MP3 files – so you can even listen at the gym or in your car…
  • Printable checklists and templates…
  • Guiding you through the process of planning, implementing and measuring your marketing strategies!

Plus -

  • Go-to guides…
  • A bonus social media training course…
  • eBooks library…
  • AND affordable pricing models!

Making my Marketing Skills Academy Online Program is one of the most accessible on the market!

So, I’ve got one more question for you…

What’s holding you back?

If I could go back and change one thing about my own business journey, it would be my stubborn insistence to do it all myself and turn down the advice and help of others (often those in a much higher position than me at the time).

Don’t do what I did…

Take this opportunity, immerse yourself in my wins and failures, and use the Marketing Masterplan – and the Marketing Skills Academy Online Program - as the foundation for your business.

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