How to develop and proactively market your Personal Brand

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How to develop and proactively market your Personal Brand

What is the one ‘asset’ that your business has, that no other business can recreate, copy or control?


YOU are unique...

YOU are one of a kind...

YOU are the real deal!

And, YOU have something incredibly powerful which if you maximise its true potential - it can (and will) grow your business.

I’m referring to your ‘Personal Brand’ – the most powerful marketing and sales tool we all possess.

The intrinsic mix of your passion, values, experience, professional network and of course, skills and expertise.

Authenticity is the key factor as never before has the mantra 'people buy from people' been so relevant.

With the rapid growth of social media and other digital communications, we have become incredibly perceptive to fake, insincere, disingenuous brands, which promote one thing and yet behave completely different – this includes people!

And it goes without saying, being the true authentic ‘you’ is much easier than trying to be someone or something else.

So, if you want to stand out in an increasingly crowded and challenging marketplace, you must embrace the concept of personal branding and how it can influence your future.

But where do you start?

Here’s my top 5 tips - how to develop and proactively market your personal brand:

  1. Begin with your personal brand goals:

What would you like to achieve with your personal brand?

  • Become a thought leader in your industry – inspire others…
  • A promotion with your current employer – increase in salary and responsibility…
  • A new job – a new challenge / development opportunity…
  • Launch your own business (or side business) – sell your skills, passion and expertise…
  • Other…

You may want to consider your goals even further – break them down into specific, more manageable goals, including actions and timelines.

  1. Craft your personal brand story

Storytelling is a powerful technique for marketing our personal and business brand.

We can craft key messages aimed at specific audiences to capture their attention and begin to build a relationship.

This in turn, forms an emotional connection – ultimately to become a customer - a happy, loyal and valued customer!

Craft your personal brand story based on the following questions: 

  • WHAT is your passion, experience and expertise?
  • HOW did you get here – describe your ‘journey’ and what do you anticipate lies ahead?
  • HOW have you triumphed in the face of adversity and what lessons you have learnt on the way?
  • WHO would benefit from your knowledge, experience and expertise?
  • HOW can you can help, support, influence and provide a solution to your target audience’ pain points?
  1. Define your personal brand positioning statement (UPS)

Your Unique Positioning Statement (UPS) is a concise statement that demonstrates how you and your products / services solve a potential customer's problem, fulfils a need, or improves their life – ultimately an ’outcome’ which they have desired and open to receive!

It should ultimately communicate to your target audience WHY they should choose to work with you and contract your services, and WHAT makes you different from your competition.

Here’s a simple formula I use to help create personal brand positioning statements – try it for yourself:

Hello, I’m (your personal brand name)        

Helping / offering / providing (concept - what you do – the solution!)      

to (target segment and need)

  1. Build your personal brand ‘Circle of Influence’

Your Circle of Influence is how you define your network – the people who are and could be - influential to your personal brand. 

This includes – your customers; colleagues and peers; suppliers and trade partners; competitors; local and regional community; political and business leaders; highly influential personalities including celebrities!

Your personal brand ‘Circle of Influence’ can be divided into three groups;

Your ambassadors – those who know, like and trust you AND will speak highly of you – customers, suppliers even competitors!

Your role models – those who inspire you, keep you focused and motivated – this may include other business owners / entrepreneurs, a business mentor or even your boss!

Your influencers – those who are top of their game and well connected – could accelerate your reach and business profile as well as introduce you to new opportunities!

  1. Promote your personal brand

Now it’s time to consider which specific marketing tools and communication channels, to promote and deliver your personal brand experience to your target audience - in a seamless and integrated manner.

You should aim to draw together the tangible and intangible elements of your personal brand wheel, focusing on the most effective tools and channels, across digital and traditional marketing environments.

Make sure that you and your personal brand are cohesive and sharing the same messaging across different platforms.

  • Optimise your social media profile – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are the most popular networks to achieve this.

  • Share opinions, thoughts, and your own take on industry news. Show yourself to be a credible source.

  • Create engaging content – video and podcasts, blogs and articles, webinars and eBooks are just some of the ways you can connect and engage with your target audience - ultimately grow your community!

  • Position your personal brand towards those key decision makers with your marketing content, whilst enhancing your professional credibility by gaining referrals and recommendations for your work.
  • Grow and develop your network – whether online or offline, networking enables you to widen your physical reach. Make new connections and build mutually beneficial relationships including new suppliers and business partners.

  • And, don’t be afraid to reach out to other brands and influential individuals in your industry and build working relationships.


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Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash  

If you need a fresh pair of eyes and ears’ to have a closer look at how you market and grow your business, let’s talk/meet for an informal chat – message me or email: [email protected]

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