How to get tribal with social media

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How to get tribal with social media

Social media is an invaluable communication tool for any business but it needs careful planning and time to achieve the most effective results.

The real power of social media is the way that it can help you to grow a community of fans and followers, who engage and communicate with you, and who (crucially) share what you post with their own network of followers.

Online communities also provide the opportunity to acquire pertinent information and insights from your followers, which ultimately could help inform and shape your next product or service.

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How to get tribal with social media - 7 golden rules for launching and growing a community:

1. Define your community purpose

Creating a successful and engaging social media community relies on clear objectives:

Why do you want to launch an online community?

What business aims do you hope to achieve?

How will you measure success?

How do you propose to help, support and influence the people you serve?

2. Be part of someone else’s community

Join other communities or groups – whether open or private and converse with other members.

Observe how each community functions – structure, content, engagement and conversation.

3. Be authentic

People buy from authentic people!

Be true to yourself and your personal brand by being open, honest and transparent.

4. Be consistent

Keep showing up for your community, your followers need to see that you are present.

Plan your content accordingly, and post regularly. Repetition is key, but always do so in a different and creative way. Keep focused on your brand positioning, brand image and tone of voice.

5. Be grateful

Your community want to feel appreciated and respected.

Encourage engagement at any opportunity and always thank people if they like, comment or share your content.

6. Quality over quantity

Always consider the ‘value’ you are providing; educate your target audience and make it beneficial to their needs.

Less is more when you’re providing true value and your followers will love and respect for it!

7. Keep listening

Communities shouldn’t be a one-way communication street; you need to listen to the conversation.

This will help you learn what types of content your followers want to consume, what matter to them, and how you can support them when needed.

Also consider using ‘listening tools’ such as polls, questionnaires and surveys. 

Ask questions – what do your audience think about content X? Are they interested in content Y? If you did content Z would they be interested?


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