How to repurpose content to increase social reach and engagement - 10 ways

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Creating content (such as blogs, video, eBooks, Infographics, etc...) can be time consuming, especially if you’re constantly trying to create new content to share across your social networks.

However, by repurposing our content we extend our reach and exposure, saving valuable time and resources to run our business.

“When you repurpose a piece of content […] you’re doing one of two things (or both): changing the format of the content, and/or changing the target audience for the content.” Ref: HubSpot

In my video post I’ve mentioned 5 different types of content, which can be repurposed, from a single blog post. Below I extend that further to 10 pieces of content... all created by the same blog post. Enjoy!

  1. Write a blog post – say 500-1000 words and post on your website. This can then be promoted across all your social networks.

  2. Upload the blog post into video software (such as Lumen 5), which will turn your blog into a video post.

  3. Create a slideshow in PowerPoint and post to SlideShare (LinkedIn) or create a slideshow in Facebook.

  4. Use bite-size chunks of your blog post for quote / ‘tip of the day’ images, captions, even individual social media posts across the week.

  5. Use the blog post to promote in your email campaigns – link to your specific social media posts or use it as a direct educational email to your target audience.

Moving on from the video...

  1. Use the blog post to create an eBook.

  2. Create an Infographic highlighting specific stats, tips or information from your blog post.

  3. Create a podcast using the content of your blog post as a script.

  4. Film a webinar, again using the content of your blog post as a script.

  5. Create a questionnaire (based on your blog content) and send across to your existing network – then you have a piece of research material – backed up by your blog – to promote on your social networks.



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