How to take advantage of your marketing gold dust

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Word of mouth recommendations are one of the oldest (and most believable) forms of marketing in the world – and still one of the most effective!

It’s not you telling the world how wonderful you are – it’s SOMEONE ELSE – which can be incredibly powerful, especially when it’s fellow professionals and customers words we trust most.

It also helps build and promote your personal brand with your ambassadors, role models and influencers.

Where to begin?

LinkedIn is one of the best special platforms for enabling this – using ‘Endorsements’ and ‘Recommendations’.

The difference between LinkedIn ‘Endorsements’ and ‘Recommendations’:

Endorsements can be given by any of your connections, including people who have never worked with you.

Recommendations are those that you either have to specifically request, or specifically accept from someone. They are about as close as you can get to a “reference.” Unlike endorsements, recommendations carry much more credibility and for me, are essential elements for promoting your personal and business brand. 

Ask your trusted connections – customers, clients, suppliers, managers and trade partners for recommendations.

Gain glowing testimonials that back up all that you’ve said you are - and do! Use them in social media posts, case studies and business proposals – trust me it works!

Is it time YOU sprinkled some marketing gold dust into your campaigns?

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