The 5 E's of Content Marketing

Do you have difficulty in creating content which engages, nurtures and communicates with your target audience?

Does your marketing content actually ‘convert’?

Marketing can be a challenge at the best of times and constantly having to create fresh new content can be complex and challenging – especially at the moment, during these uncertain times.

‘Content is the fuel for the marketing and sales engine’

We need to keep creating and publishing it - at every stage of our marketing and sales funnel – from generating awareness through to converting leads into paying customers.

Even the stats tell us that content marketing is 3 times more efficient in terms of leads than outbound marketing.

So, if you feeling disillusioned, lacking motivation or lost for ideas, how about applying the 5E’s to your content marketing:

👉 Engage
👉 Entertain
👉 Educate
👉 Empathise
👉 Encourage

Whether it's writing blogs and articles, filming video, or creating eBooks and podcasts – the 5 E’s of content marketing should help you create content that communicates and converts!


Engage with your target audience by providing plenty of ‘problem-solving’ value such as top-tips, how-to guides, free trials and taster sessions.
Recommended Content:
Blogs, eBooks, image posts, quotes, memes and gifs, articles, quizzes, templates, checklists and challenges.  


Entertain your target audience with your brand story, life experiences and inspirational anecdotes. Storytelling is a powerful technique for marketing your business brand as they can form an emotional connection.
Recommended Content:
Video’s, podcasts, virtual events, blogs and vlogs.


Educate your target audience by showing them how your products / services could help solve their ‘pain points’ – and what differentiates you from your competitors.
Recommended Content:
Webinars, product demonstrations, infographics, long-form posts, Q&A’s, case studies, eBooks and whitepapers.


Empathise with your target audience - understand what challenges (or pain points) they are experiencing at this moment – can you offer support or provide a solution
Recommended Content:
Survey’s, questionnaires, polls, interviews, action plans and private coaching groups. 


Encourage regular dialogue with your target audience using your website, social media, email marketing and networking. Nurture your community and build mutually beneficial relationships!
Recommended Content:
User generated content, forum and private group discussions, email marketing, mastermind groups.

Give it try – trust me it works!


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