Why Hire a Marketing Coach for my Small Business?

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Why Hire a Marketing Coach for my Small Business?

Business is not always easy and, as the saying goes, sometimes you can find yourself too close to a service or product to really understand both its advantages and its challenges.

You can end up defending your business or product against challenging reviews, or you can lose the main message of the service in trying to share what you feel are its greatest assets.

A quick disclosure before we get into the main bulk of this article: marketing is not something you can learn overnight.

Sure, you can download Facebook and Instagram, and you can watch some Youtube videos about how to work Google Ads and SEO, but at the end of the day marketing is a learned skill which very few are actually able to transfer into a multitude of industries and across a variety of target audiences.

So why hire a marketing coach for my small business, and is it really a worthwhile business investment?


"By experience we find out a short way by a long wandering."
Quote by Roger Ascham

One of the biggest challenges of managing and owning a business, is knowing when to rely on a fresh set of eyes and ears.

Let me put it this way...

A marketing coach can help you to see your product or service from the point of view of your audience. They can help you to tailor your content, visuals, and output channels to the target audience, and can create the right messaging that puts your brand or business in the forefront of a captive audience’s mind.

Best of all, they do all this in such a way to generate more interest, more engagement, and more sales.


If you want to remain in control of your business and operations but need some support or guidance about the right strategy for marketing a new product or a specific campaign (or even your business as a whole), a marketing coach provides a bridge between you and the world outside of your business.

Bringing a coach on board allows you to benefit from all their guidance and expertise, without bringing a new member onto your full time team.


Finally, if you decide to work with me (or any other marketing coach out there), you will benefit from the kind of accountability which will help keep you driven towards achieving that next goal and ticking off that next target.

Someone who can help you set direction and determine priorities - whilst mentoring and encouraging you to develop a positive mindset and ultimately, promote success in your business!


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