A guide to planning your mobile marketing campaign

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A guide to planning your mobile marketing campaign

We no longer live in a world where most of us spend the majority of our time behind a desk in an office. Today’s customer is always on the go.

They may work at the office, but utilise technology to allow them to travel more or even work from home. If your marketing campaign is only based on computer friendly avenues, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to increase your exposure and ultimately your revenue.

Why mobile?

With over 5.2 billion unique mobile users globally, mobile marketing provides the opportunity to reach a broader audience.

Think about how often you use your mobile phone, sending text messages, checking your social media feeds, catching up with the latest news, or even searching for items to purchase – clothes, eating out, holidays… the list is endless!

As you can see from the research above conducted by We Are Social / Hootsuite, Mobile phones now account for roughly 53% of the time the world spends online.

Our mobile devices provide convenience and access to information – wherever and whenever we need it. In fact, most of us treat our mobile devices like someone who is closer to us than our friends, partners, parents, or even pets!

According to Google, over 70% of people won’t stay on your website if it’s not mobile-friendly, with 77% of people are more likely to buy a product or use a service from a website that is mobile friendly. 

Why mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing gets you closer to your customers as time spent on mobile devices has been increasing rapidly during the last ten years. It can be incredibly personal as it provides a direct link to your customer.  It can also enhance loyalty in your business and brand, especially if they have downloaded your app onto their mobile device.

And for those who invest heavily in mobile marketing pursuits, the rewards are plentiful.

As you can see from the research below conducted by We Are Social / Hootsuite, people spend a great deal of time on the mobile devices.


Here are some tips on how you can plan your own mobile marketing campaign. 

Responsive Website

Let’s begin by looking at one of our most valuable and controllable marketing assets – our website.

No longer do we create websites purely to be viewed on large desktop computers, we must now consider mobile devices first. In fact, Google ranks mobile-friendly websites above non-mobile friendly websites in its organic search results.

Applying responsive website design ensures that your website responds to the user’s behaviour, and makes sure it looks presentable on any device – including screen size, platform and orientation. In essence, the website design instinctively adapts to the device it is being viewed on, so it looks great on a mobile, tablet, and desktop. 

ACTION: Check if your website is mobile friendly using Google’s free mobile checker tool:


The tool will also provide the appropriate action required to optimise your website for mobile browsing.

Apps and App Purchasing

When apps first began appearing, they were considered as a trend, but with the adaptation of smart devices these days, apps are essential tools to help mobile users find what they need and have a little fun in the process.

For those looking to invest in mobile marketing, apps are excellent resources.

Data from App Annie shows that Android users around the world now spend more than 4 hours each day using their phones.

Apps work differently than general websites. They offer a mobile friendly avenue for businesses to bring additional services to their clients and a unique way to connect with customers and keep your business’s name in their mind’s eye.

Investing in an app for your business can mean big returns and yes, it does cost money to produce a high quality app. However, if you have time to devote to learning, you can make your own app.

It can be beneficial to the business to build your own app, but a business owner must weight the expense of hiring out for the service against the time it takes to produce an app of your own.

Often, business owners find a much more credible ROI to hire out for their personalised app to be built. Depending on the quality and specifications put into your app, you can expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand all the way to tens of thousands for a devoted app.

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Gaming apps are a lot of fun. Most people have at least one gaming app on their phone at any given time. They provide a way to pass the time in doctor’s offices and anywhere you will be simply sitting and waiting.

These gaming apps are not always thought of as an essential tool for marketing, but can be a great way to show the more enjoyable side of your business.

Also, a gaming app does not have to be as extensive as your devoted business app. Even the simplest of apps game promote your business while allowing the client to have a little fun in the process.

Messaging and SMS Texting

A part of communication today is text messages. People no longer simply call a person to talk. They send a text. It is fast, efficient, and gets the point across without actually having to talk.

This same notion can be used to boost your mobile marketing campaign considerably. Text messages are actually opened more frequently than emails with an average of 97% of all text messages opened by the receiver. This amazing tactic can be used to help you boost your reach into your client’s lives. Receiving a text about an upcoming sale can be a great reminder to the client on the go or a way to help them invest some time shopping with your business. Messaging and SMS Texting helps your company remain relevant and available to your client base.

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QR Codes

People love interaction and QR codes are an excellent way to provide a level of interaction between your company and the customer.

QR codes placed on your products can provide additional information about a product right on your customer’s phone. They can also be a way to include directions on a product’s use without having a devoted booklet on how to put a product together or ways to use it.

There is an endless opportunity for information to be utilized through QR codes and all it takes is that little code printed on your products to make it happen. QR codes can be a very cost effective solution to virtually every type and size of business.

The need for mobile marketing will not soon fade away.

On average, smartphones are checked at least 46 times each day. With every notification, the user is enticed to look at their phone just to see what is going on.

When you invest in mobile marketing, many of those checks can be for your business. Whether it is a text message, email, or any number of other available mobile marketing tactics, they all work together to produce an effective mobile marketing campaign.


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