Are you pushing the ‘WHAT’ or promoting the ‘WHY’?

marketing strategy

Picture the scene…

You’re attending a business event – an opportunity to network!

You enter the room, exchanging glances with various people, some you recognise, others you don’t.

Suddenly someone approaches you. You’ve never met before – they’re friendly, extremely confident and they start talking to you.

They introduce themselves and their business … their unbelievable product / service … their enviable customer base … their amazing sales team … and this months ‘special offers’

At this point you’re feeling a little overwhelmed – but it continues…

Ok, so this sounds like a nightmare scenario (maybe you’ve experienced it), but it’s surprising how many businesses do this – every day – with their marketing.

They constantly push the ‘WHAT’

  • WHAT my business is
  • WHAT unbelievable product / service we provide
  • WHAT an enviable customer base we have
  • WHAT an amazing sales team we have

But very rarely promote the ‘WHY’

  • WHY my business exists
  • WHY my product / service will provide unbelievable value for your business
  • WHY I know you will be an amazing customer
  • WHY I would like to meet with you and learn more about your business

Does your business push the ‘WHAT’ or promote the ‘WHY’ ?

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