ChatGPT is NOT your marketing department

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ChatGPT is NOT your marketing department

A couple of weeks ago I discussed my six deadly sins of marketing, of which one of them was…

‘Using AI to write all your social media posts and marketing content without any personal interaction or involvement.’

This resonated with a few people, who questioned my reasoning – especially when we now have highly sophisticated machine learning tools such as ChatGPT, providing content at lightning speed…

One response in particular, and I quote…

“Surely if there is a free tool which saves extremely busy business owners time and resources, why not use it to its full capability – get it to do all the work, so you can just copy and paste into your content.”

Now, before we go any further – I am a huge advocate for the enormous potential and advantages that current AI, particularly ChatGPT, offers.


Relying solely on ChatGPT as a one-stop shop for content creation risks losing the authenticity and unique voice that human interaction and considered thought can bring.

And, we MUST ALWAYS endeavour to keep our marketing authentic and well, 'human'.

ChatGPT may be a powerful tool for generating ideas, concepts and drafts, BUT it lacks the ability to fully understand and convey the nuances of personal experiences, brand identity, and the deeper emotional connections that are essential in effective communication.

So why is it important to ONLY use ChatGPT as a tool rather than a ‘one-stop marketing machine’?

  • It enhances creativity - NOT replaces it…

    ChatGPT should be viewed as a creative partner, and used in brainstorming and drafting, but should not replace the human touch.

    Your insights, experiences, and unique voice are irreplaceable in creating authentic, relatable content.

  • It can struggle with ‘quality control’ as well as personalisation…

    While ChatGPT generates high-quality content, it lacks the ability to fully understand your brand's unique tone and the personality of your target audience.

    You should use its output as a base and then add your personal touch for greater relevance and connection with your audience.

  • How ‘ethical’ and ‘original’ is it?

    Not everything on ChatGPT is accurate… in fact, the app actually provides the following disclaimer –

    “ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information."

    Relying solely on AI-generated content raises ethical concerns about authenticity and can lead to a lack of originality.

  • It’s a machine – not a human brain…

    Like most AI technology, ChatGPT relies on human intervention.

    It requires instructions to perform tasks.

    The more specific and detailed your prompts to ChatGPT, the more tailored and useful the output will be.

Ok, so maybe I’m being too negative about the virtues of AI-driven marketing….

And, as I mentioned earlier, I am huge fan – and use it in my own marketing and sales endeavours.

So, let’s now focus on the positive stuff!!

Here are six tasks that ChatGPT can assist with when planning and implementing your marketing campaigns:

1. Content Marketing:

ChatGPT can brainstorm a wide range of content ideas very quickly, which is crucial for keeping your marketing fresh and engaging.

You can provide ChatGPT with your target audience and key themes, and it can suggest blog topics, social media post ideas, or email newsletter themes.

Example ChatGPT prompt:

‘I'm looking for blog topics that will resonate with young entrepreneurs interested in sustainability and green technology. Could you suggest some engaging content ideas and themes for social media and email newsletters?’

2. Email Marketing:

ChatGPT can help draft email marketing campaigns.

Given a topic, it can generate compelling copy, which you can then personalise. This saves time and ensures a consistent tone across your communications.

Example ChatGPT prompt:

‘Help me draft an email campaign for our latest line of eco-friendly kitchen products. The target audience is homeowners interested in sustainable living. I need a compelling subject line and an introductory paragraph that highlights the benefits of our products.’

3. Social Media Marketing:

ChatGPT can generate creative templates for social media posts.

You can ask it to create templates for different types of posts like promotions, educational content, or user engagement.

Example ChatGPT prompt:

‘I need guidance on a variety of social media post templates for a fitness apparel brand. The posts should vary between promotional announcements, tips for healthy living, and community engagement questions. Please maintain a motivational and inspiring tone.’

4. Search Engine Marketing:

ChatGPT can suggest keywords and phrases based on your content goals.

Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO for short) is vital for increasing online visibility.

While ChatGPT doesn't replace specialised SEO tools, it can provide a starting point for your research.

Example ChatGPT prompt:

‘I'm writing an article about renewable energy solutions for small businesses. Can you suggest some SEO keywords and phrases that could improve the article's visibility in search engine results?'

5. Customer Relationship Marketing:

ChatGPT can draft responses to frequently asked questions.

This can improve customer interaction efficiency, ensuring quick and consistent replies to common inquiries.

Example ChatGPT prompt:

‘I need template responses to the frequently asked questions for our travel booking website. Questions include inquiries about cancellation policies, booking confirmation details, and special accommodation requests, which I will detail below. Please provide examples of concise and informative replies.’

6. Competitor Marketing Research:

ChatGPT can provide a basic analysis of your competitors based on publicly available information.

Understanding your competition helps in strategising and positioning your brand effectively.

Example ChatGPT prompt:

‘Provide a basic analysis of the top three competitors in the online eco-friendly apparel market. I'm looking for insights on their product range, marketing strategies, and customer engagement based on the information available on their websites and social media.’

So next time you’re planning your marketing strategy or campaigns – and you’re reaching for the AI, remember –

ChatGPT is an awesome collaborative tool rather than a one-stop content shop, which will help you create more authentic, engaging, and effective marketing content!

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