Isn't it time we stopped judging ourselves?

How often do you blame yourself for situations which are out of your control?

How often do you find yourself thinking -

‘Why to bother trying, I’m only going to mess up again’

‘People will talk about me - I’ll be a public failure’

‘I should stop wasting my time, I’m just not good enough - I should keep to my limits’

And it goes on...

and on...

You’re so busy overthinking, over-analyzing, and ‘negatively mind-reading’, that you actually stop taking any decisive action!

This 'analysis paralysis' can harm you and your business

We’ve got to stop judging ourselves

Stop benchmarking ourselves against those who we perceive are more ‘successful’

Stop worrying about what might happen and focus on what we can change

And, be kinder to ourselves!

First – start telling yourself:

I am NOT my thoughts
I AM my actions

Second – take action! 

Often taking that first step can seem HUGE, but in reality, can relieve pressure and create a sense of achievement.

Third - YOU are your own worst critic!

If you're questioning your abilities, talk to someone who can look at what you’re doing through fresh eyes.

And finally, take each day as it comes – live in the NOW, enjoy the journey rather than solely focusing on the destination!

Stop judging yourself – have a great week!


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