VIDEO PODCAST: Meet The Book Authors: Simon Clayton - 'Marketing Masterplan'

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Content Marketing Studio interview - writing a book

What does a global pandemic, being busy fool, procrastination, Depeche Mode, Andy Warhol and trips to Russia all have in common?

They all feature on a recent video podcast interview for The Content Marketing Show - with the awesome Pascal Fintoni - digital marketing trainer and public speaker!

 In this episode Pascal and I talk about:

  • My vision for the book as a product for his business and for strengthening my positioning as a coach
  • My journey into self-employment and my approach to personal branding as a marketing strategist
  • How the content of the book was inspired by my work as a coach and by the many questions from my clients
  • Sometimes the smallest and simplest bit of information can have a major impact on your audience and should be captured as part of your book
  • The way I adapted my coaching modules into 6 steps to fit the format of a book with a beginning, a middle and an end
  • Why I went for the self-publishing route and the benefits of using the services of a designer and a copywriter
  • The positive impact on my own thinking as a marketing strategy coach and the overall experience for my customers
  • My tips to develop your own marketing strategy which needs to tap into a more empathetic form of marketing and a deeper understanding of your clients
  • My ‘5 Es’ model for content creation: Engaging, Educate, Empathise, Entertain and Encourage
  • Why marketing your business is more about building relationships than ever before at this moment in time
  • My approach to creating Linkedin posts and how it makes the content really engaging
  • and so much more!

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What does Marketing Masterplan - The Book include? Purpose – do you know why your business exists?

  • Intelligence – do you understand your customer and their motivations to purchase?
  • Proposition – why do customers buy from you? Is your USP clear in your key messages?
  • Tools – can you identify the right marketing tools and kick out the ones that are costing you money?
  • Conversion – are you a pro at turning interested customers into paying customers?
  • Results – can you measure your marketing activity and refine it to become even more effective?

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