The 6 deadly sins of lazy marketing - and how to combat them

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The 6 deadly sins of lazy marketing - and how to combat them

Lazy marketing…

It’s everywhere at the moment…

Filling up our inboxes and social feeds…

Messaging our phones and posting through our letter boxes…

Even invading our personal space at networking events...

I'm sure you've experienced some of it too?

Whilst I appreciate that business for many is tough at the moment, marketing and sales should be a strategic process - not a last-minute afterthought to simply make-do.

And, just in case you’re wondering...

Here’s my 6 deadly sins of lazy marketing:

  • Using AI to write all your social media posts and marketing content without any personal interaction or involvement

  • Spam-messaging people on social media with irrelevant offers and promotions

  • Presenting varied, inconsistent messages or visuals across channels, leading to brand confusion

  • Cold-emailing potential prospects without first researching and understanding their business challenges, needs and desires

  • Ignoring valuable insights and research data from your analytics tools and customer feedback

  • Solely depending on paid ads without investing in organic strategies for relationship-building

Most of this negative, haphazard behaviour is due to a number of factors such as -  

- Struggling with limited resources and a potential over-reliance on automation…

- Lack of understanding of a target audience…

- A short-term focus...

- A resistance to (or fear of) change, using outdated marketing methods, hesitant to adapt to new trends and technologies...

- Complacency and insufficient accountability…

Which ultimately leads to the risk of implementing ineffective and non-resonant marketing strategies – costing valuable time, vital resources and hard-earned cash!

So, if these deadly sins are potentially costing you and your business, here's how to combat them with effective marketing practices:

1. Personalised content creation:

Instead of solely relying on AI, use human touch to craft messages.

Blend AI insights with human creativity to ensure content resonates on a personal level.

Craft content that speaks directly to each of your market segment's pain points and aspirations.

2. Engage - don’t spam:

‘I really LOVE receiving unsolicited, spammy messages in my inbox and social feeds’ said no one EVER!

Instead of mass-messaging, engage your audience with content that adds value.

Build relationships by joining relevant social media groups, contributing constructively, and addressing customer needs.

3. Research before reaching out:

Before sending out emails, invest time in understanding potential prospects.

Tailor your messages based on their specific business challenges and interests.

4. Embrace data-driven decisions:

Use analytics tools to gain valuable insights and pertinent research data – there’s plenty of free ones out there!

Regularly review campaign performances, adjust strategies based on what's working, and remain receptive to customer feedback.

Adjust and optimise based on real-time data and results.

5. Balance paid and organic strategies:

While paid ads can boost visibility, don't put all your marketing eggs in one basket.

Focus also on organic growth through SEO, quality content, and relationship-building to ensure sustained success.

6. Consistent branding:

This is essential as there’s so much noise and dirge out there at the moment!

Ensure your brand voice, visuals, and messaging remain consistent across all channels.

This not only builds trust but strengthens brand recall.

By implementing these strategies (and the free tools available), you can cultivate a meaningful connection with your target audience, fostering loyalty and driving successful campaigns - hopefully signalling the death of lazy marketing!

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