How to grow your email prospect list in 2021

Email remains one of the most effective marketing tools with a strong ROI, even in 2021. The key to success comes from creating meaningful and impactful content but also building a prospect list that is relevant and helps deliver conversions for your business.

What is an email list?

Nearly 300 billion emails are sent every day around the world and more than 80% of businesses use it as one of the primary marketing approaches. An email list contains a whole bunch of people who are interested in your business and likely to buy from it or hire your services.

  • Anyone can create an email list. The challenge is developing something that is filled with people or businesses likely to engage with your business.
  • To do this, you need a range of approaches and strategies that work for your business and attract the right kinds of people.
  • Selecting the right methods to attract prospects onto your email list generally means looking at a range of different approaches.

Why should people join your...

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5 Tips to achieve email marketing success

Email marketing can be a potent tool for marketing your products or services to people and can help to generate new interest in your campaign.

The right tools and a strategic approach often lead to increased engagement and a higher conversion rate. 

Here's my 5 tips for developing your email marketing campaigns:

1.  Build your list

Email marketing has the ability to generate high quality leads, but only if the right people sign up to your list. List building is one of the most important stages in the process. 

You need to obtain quality prospects, otherwise the information that you send out is not going to have the desired effect. 

Building a high quality list though takes time, patience and determination.

Ideas to build your list:

  • Email subscribe pop-up on your website – free tools such as (below) are really effective for capturing visitors email addresses.
  • Similarly, create a dedicated landing (or squeeze) page to capture email addresses...
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