VIDEO PODCAST: Meet The Book Authors: Simon Clayton - 'Marketing Masterplan'

What does a global pandemic, being busy fool, procrastination, Depeche Mode, Andy Warhol and trips to Russia all have in common?

They all feature on a recent video podcast interview for The Content Marketing Show - with the awesome Pascal Fintoni - digital marketing trainer and public speaker!

 In this episode Pascal and I talk about:

  • My vision for the book as a product for his business and for strengthening my positioning as a coach
  • My journey into self-employment and my approach to personal branding as a marketing strategist
  • How the content of the book was inspired by my work as a coach and by the many questions from my clients
  • Sometimes the smallest and simplest bit of information can have a major impact on your audience and should be captured as part of your book
  • The way I adapted my coaching modules into 6 steps to fit the format of a book with a beginning, a middle and an end
  • Why I went for the...
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