10 tips to market your business without spending a penny

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In light of the current situation regarding Coronavirus, many business owners, coaches and consultants will be feeling anxious and discouraged about investing in their marketing activities. 

This can lead to a detrimental effect on their business, causing more stress and anxiety.

However, marketing doesn't need to cost a fortune, in fact there's much you can do which costs very little - apart from your time and application.

Here's my top 10 tips to market your business without spending a penny:

1. Review your marketing plan – now is the time to take action!

What's working and what’s not?

Can you diversify? Offer something better or more efficient than your competitors?

Consider new markets - new products / services - can they be delivered online?

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2. Build a FREE website and email marketing campaign using MailChimp.

3. Network (Online) - over 250,000+ social media groups - region, sector / industry specific.

Networking online will provide an opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals as well as source new business opportunities and promote your brand.

4. Request recommendations / testimonials from your customers – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google... the list is endless – build and strengthen your credibility and reputation!

5. Create your promo graphics using Canva or Stencil - plenty of templates to choose from and you don't need to be a technical wizz to create magic!

6. Create a video on your phone - broadcast your knowledge to the world!

7. Blog – still one of the most effective ways to share your knowledge and expertise as well as position your brand and extend your reach. Engage with your desired audience in a more informal way - search engines love them too!

8. Google My Business - check it out - it's FREE! Google will love you and it's great for local SEO!

9. Host an online workshop – I use Zoom for mine which provides a (virtual) face-to-face presentation sharing your expertise and knowledge.

10. Newsjack - share your views on a current ‘trending’ story - great for expressing your knowledge, expertise and values.

If you need a fresh pair of eyes and ears’ to have a closer look at how you market and grow your business, let’s talk/meet for an informal chat – message me or email: [email protected]

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