5 reasons why your Personal Brand matters more than ever

branding marketing strategy personal branding Jun 10, 2021
5 reasons why your Personal Brand matters more than ever

We all have one, but only some people are more aware of it than others.

Some have maximised its true potential to grow their business.

Whilst others don’t realise just how powerful it is - take it for granted and never use it to their advantage.

I’m referring to your ‘Personal Brand’ – the most powerful marketing and sales tool we all possess in business.

The intrinsic mix of your passion, values, experience, professional network and of course, skills and expertise.

The means by which people remember YOU for –
WHO you are,
WHAT you stand for and
HOW you present yourself – EMOTIVELY, VISUALLY and VIRTUALLY

Authenticity is the key factor as never before has the mantra 'people buy from people' been so relevant.

Anyone who wants to stand out in an increasingly crowded and challenging marketplace must embrace the concept of personal branding and how it can influence their future.


Here’s my top 5 reasons why your Personal Brand matters more than ever

  1. It’s personal and authentic

‘People buy from people’

Today’s customers and consumers are the most highly brand-aware than they have ever been.

Your personal brand adds a deeper story and outlook that is separate, but closely intertwined with your business brand.

To work, it needs to be personal to you and, above all, it must be authentic.

  1. It builds authority

Authority builds trust and trust builds relationships. 

Regardless of industry or sector, if potential customers feel they know you and believe that you understand what they are looking for, that increases the likelihood of them engaging.

Business branding can do some of the work here but it requires the addition of personal branding to take things to the next level.

  1. It helps you stand out online

Most engagement and interaction with businesses is now carried out online.

If your personal brand is indistinguishable from everyone else, it can be all but impossible to get noticed.

Personal branding takes work and commitment but it’s a powerful tool in your armoury, especially in the digital world.

  1. It allows you to build stronger contacts

Personal branding will help you build your network.

If your personal brand is strong enough, people will feel they know you. They get what you stand for and it aligns with their world view.

More importantly, they see you as a trusted friend.

  1. It leads to more opportunities

There’s no doubt that great personal branding delivers greater opportunities. 

If you are visible (and people like what you say or do) word of mouth - particularly on social media, is likely to boost your appeal and your favourability rating.

Personal branding opens up doors and keeps you and your business relevant!


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